Iberian Mouflon

mouflon hunt spain

Our company has concessions to excellent hunting grounds in Spain for mouflon rams without having to travel to Central Europe to collect this highly prized trophy.

Our hunts are organised either in open or enclosed areas, both of which provide the possibility of obtaining excellent mouflon trophies.

The hunting grounds offered to our customers are selected for the availability of quality specimens of optimum age and maximum trophy value. Both representative and prime-quality specimens are available, depending on the hunters’ preference.


Mouflon may be hunted throughout the open season from October to May. A good date to hunt excellent trophies is the rut when male specimens are more visible and easier to locate.

For hunting information and reservation of the best dates for your hunting experience, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will supply you with all the advice and information required for an optimum hunting experience.

mouflon spain



Iberian mouflon is located in Valencia, Castilla la Mancha and Andalucia.